Refining is SAMIR’s main activity. It involves all crude oil processing and conversion to produce a range of petroleum products for different uses.

Crude oil is a mix of hydrocarbons, carbon atoms and hydrogen associations, the composition of which usually depends on its origin.

SAMIR is organised and set up to process a large range of products derived from crude oil.

SAMIR’s facilities make it possible to separate hydrocarbon molecules. It processes them to modify its properties, and refines them to produce clean fuels for general consumption.

SAMIR is a modern refinery made up of the main splitting facilities (atmospheric distillation, vacuum distillation…), associated facilities (desulfurization, catalytic reforming, merox…), and conversion facilities (cracking). Refining allows the processing of heavier petroleum splits, which price is less and less attractive and is used in only specific industrial installations, into lighter splits, which can be used in ordinary fuel (diesel, kerosene or petrol) of high commercial value.

It is important to mention all the production facilities are checked and monitored from a central control room using remote regulation systems.

The use of cutting edge technology in the upgrade project to modernise SAMIR,  results in high quality production, particularly the Diesel fuel production with <10 ppm (parts per million) of sulphur. This is far lower than the Moroccan "50ppm" regulations for Diesel, and 50ppm for Super unleaded , complying with European norms.

Topping 4, the latest atmospheric distillation facility was launched in 2012, and has enabled an increase in SAMIR’s annual refining capacity to 10 million tons.

All of these facilities make of SAMIR an integrated industrial refining complex with a Nelson complexity factor of 12.8.


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