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As part of its development prospects, SAMIR identified a strategic action plan to implement and include large projects based on the following objectives :

  • Maintain secure, trustworthy and stable operations
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Reduce the overall cost of production and improvement of energy efficiency
  • Maximise the capacity of modernised facilities
  • Improve the contribution of trading in terms of feedstock and crude oil
  • Take advantage of export opportunities in local market
  • Improve the competitively at a national and regional level
  • Develop logistic and infrastructure facilities
  • Improve the career core and staff skills
  • Initiate a results driven strategy
  • Strengthen the company finances
  • Achieve returns on investments
  • Further improve the post-production margin through acquisitions and partnerships

As a result, SAMIR has allocated a sizeable investment budget to achieve its development projects based on feasibility studies for the following projects :

Production complex for aromatic hydrocarbons :

The aim of this project is to increase the value of excess naphtha from the Mohammedia refinery for the production of benzene, toluene and xylene in order to export on the regional market. The overall objective is to explore the optimal configuration of the aromatic hydrocarbon complex.

In light of technical and economic analysis of the aromatic hydrocarbon market, benzene, paraxylene were chosen as being the most economically attractive aromatic hydrocarbons to be produced by the aromatic hydrocarbon complex.

The configuration of the new complex will be decided by SAMIR on the basis of the technical and economic analysis currently underway.

Lubricant Market Group III, Conception review study :

On basis of the API classification, the current production of oils by SAMIR is classified as Group 1. The project to make Group III oils aims to improve the quality of the produced oil. To achieve this, a technical and economic study is planned to evaluate the economic aspect of producing high viscosity index lubricants such as those in group II or group III.

Visbreaking project :

The aim of this project is to process, in a vacuum conditions, the residue of existing vacuum distillation facilities in order to minimise the quantity of flux used in the production of industrial heating oil.

SAMIR has therefore undertaken a selection program and implemented an appropriate strategy to introduce a visbreaking facility in Mohammedia refinery.

It should be mentioned that as part of the modernisation project of Mohammedia refinery in 2002, the company finished the basic design and engineering aspects of the visbreaker facility.


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