Our products

Our products are made from treated crude oil imported from abroad.

The crude oil is a mix of complex hydrocarbons. The main characteristics of crude oil are its :

 - TBP distillation (based on the oil’s chemical composition).
 - Density.
 - Sulphur content. 
 - Water and sediment content.

Each crude oil is identified on a specific database like the Assay standard curve which contains all of the physical-chemical information on each fraction of the oil. The crude oil treated by Samir is mainly imported from :

 - Saudi Arabia : Arabian light. 
 - Irak : Kirkuk.
 - Russia : Ural.

The specifications of SAMIR productions are given as an indication; the official Moroccan specifications are published by the Ministry of Energy and Mines.


  • February 08, 2017 +

    Transfer of All SAMIR's assets; Call for expression of interest - 08 Feb 2017

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  • August 06, 2016 +

    The refinery crude oil supply will record a delay due to the financial difficulties of the company. This delay will result

  • july 15, 2015 +

    The information published by Maghreb confidential and the 360 site are related to an action brought against SAMIR by four

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