SAMIR a key player in Moroccan energy.


SAMIR is a strategic supplier of petroleum products and a key player in the Moroccan industrial sector.

SAMIR operates in two sites, Mohammedia, and Sidi-Kacem and has a refining capacity of 150,000 barrels/day and a storage capacity of 2 million m³.

SAMIR group supplies Morocco’s petroleum product needs and exports its production surplus to the international markets. SAMIR is involved in all of the industrial processes of producing petroleum products. As such it is present in Trading, Shipping, Refining, Storage, and Distribution of Gas, Liquid petroleum, Motor and Heating fuels, thanks to its share in the capital of TSPP (100%), ACAFE (100%), SDCC (100%), JPS (60%), AFRICBITUMES (50%), SALAM-GAZ (50%) and SOMAS (38%).

SAMIR benefits from the expertise of its main stakeholder « Corral Group » which holds 67.27% of its capital share. Corral Group is a subsidiary of the MIDROC group, owned by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein AL AMOUDI a Saudi businessman.

Vision :

SAMIR aims to develop its refinery business and to become the most integrated refinery in the region. Through the modernisation of its industrial processes and equipments, it becomes the third African country in 50ppm production, behind South Africa and Egypt.

SAMIR strives to become the best refinery in North Africa in terms of :

  •  Product quality
  •  Customer service quality
  •  Professional management
  •  Safety

Mission :

  •  Ensure a sustainable and reliable supply of petroleum products for several countries.
  •  Implement investment programs to develop the refinery industry and supply systems and logistics, in line with sustainable development principles.


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    Transfer of All SAMIR's assets; Call for expression of interest - 08 Feb 2017

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  • August 06, 2016 +

    The refinery crude oil supply will record a delay due to the financial difficulties of the company. This delay will result

  • july 15, 2015 +

    The information published by Maghreb confidential and the 360 site are related to an action brought against SAMIR by four

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