Hygiene and Safety: Managing risks to guarantee a better future


As part of Samir’s Global management system evolution and safety of both staff and plants,  we believe it is our responsibility to manage the risks of our industry, particularly those related to plants handling and industrial operations.

Hygiene and Safety are SAMIR’s  absolute priority the reason why an efficient strategy was adopted to improve technical practices, staff behaviour and company culture. The results of this strategy were very convincing .

According to the company’s risk evaluation matrix, all reported accidents range in severity betwenn minor and  low. The frequency rate reached 2.14% in 2013 in comparison with  6% recorded in 2006. This performance was achieved thanks to the updating and good use of general safety procedures, staff training on first aid procedures and education on safety and hygiene quality guidelines.

No security incident linked to incursions has been registered. The company adopted strict measures to avoid all exterior threats, people accessing the site were identified , measures linked to vehicle access were strengthened, critical areas of  Mohammedia site were monitored by using CCTV,  automatic access control system were  used.

Furthermore, SAMIR organises annual safety  days to sensitize the company staff  and subcontractors’  as well as the authorities to the need of complying  with  safety rules.

Thus, SAMIR is commited to continuously improve its internal performance in all areas, particularly those related to aspects of Health, Safety and Securityof work  by setting up an annual action plan (HSS)  conforming to international standards (OHSAS)18001). Indeed, these efforts have allowed  SAMIR obtain , in May 2010, the certification of its Health and Safety management system, according to OHSAS 18001, by  IMANOR and BUREAU VERITAS.


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