Sustainable development: Let's live differently


Contribution to sustainable development

To reconcile economic limitations with environmental and social considerations is SAMIR major concern to prepare for a sustainable energy future. 

Pillar of the national economy, SAMIR aims to supply in a reliable and sustainable way and in the best economic conditions, high quality products which respect environmental and social requirements.  

As a socially responsible company, SAMIR must reach a high level of excellence in each of its activities and operations by integrating the three main axis of sustainable development: Economy, Environment, and Society. 


The required energy for sustainable development 

Sustainable development involves using natural resources in a rhythm which doesn’t lead to their exhaustion, but rather contributes to maintaining the biosphere's productivity. This form of economic development would respect the environment through a rational and moderate use of natural resources.

Preparation for a bright energy future 

Aware of the necessity to prepare for an energy future which favours SAMIR’s good development, this aspect attaches great importance in particular to the rational use of energy. This is done through the implementation and identification of project opportunities. It aims to improve energy efficiency and promote renewable energy, through the development of new environmentally friendly, sustainable energy sources such as wind energy and biofuels.

The Environment 

We are continually looking to carry out our activities in a sustainable environmentally friendly way by resorting to new technologies, the rational use of energy and the optimisation of natural resources. We aim to reduce our emissions and implement environmental management programs to help us achieve that.


SAMIR carries out its activities as a socially responsible, in perfect harmony with the principle of sustainable development. It strives to work for the public good and on general interest issues.

In addition to managing the impact of our operations on the environment, the fact that the business creates added value for all the small partners of the company (supplies, customers, shareholders, employees… etc.) cannot be ignored.



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