Social Responsibility: A committed and trustworthy Management


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is indispensable to a sustainable development policy. So following the ISO9001v2000 certification of SMQSAMIR, and the implementation of an environmental management system ISO14001v2004 and the initiation of the Hygiene and Safety management system, SAMIR started implementing a Management System for Social Issues conforming to the PAN5601-MM56000-SA8000 references.

This process is part of the General Management’s wider vision that led Human Resources Department to adopt a dedicated strategy, in accordance with the policy SAMIR formalized as part of its global management system.

RSE is a proactive approach which involves the implementation of sustainable development principles by the company.

Being socially responsible, SAMIR integrates social and environmental issues into its everyday management, and in its interaction with internal and external partners. Its strategy is based on a triple performance (economical, social and environmental) demonstrated by voluntary commitments, beyond required regulations, in order to meet its stakeholders’ expectations.

SAMIR’s RSE revolves around the following principles:

Respect of human rights, development of human resources, protection of the environment, observation of ethical standards in its relationships with partners, good governance, and social engagement.

SAMIR is among the first Moroccan companies to have established a collective agreement with staff representatives. Worker’s councils of health and security have also been set up. Efforts to train and develop the skills of human resources are a key part of the action plan imposed by the nature of the activity and by the expansions and successive upgrades of its installations.

SAMIR’s corporate citizenship initiatives aim to contribute to local development and to consolidate relationships with local residents.

SAMIR main strength lays in the commitment of its Managing Body and Human Resources Pole to achieve RSE objectives.  The support of Quality and Sustainable development Direction remains of high importance to the success of the RSE approach.


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