Axis No 2: Promotion of Education and Health


SAMIR is involved in a process of school aid for disadvantaged children from Mohammedia and Sidi-Kacem as part of the Royal Initiative “One million school bags”. This program was initiated by Mohammed VI Foundation and aims to fight against school dropout.

In partnership with the ALJISR association, SAMIR provides support to help improve local public school establishments in Mohammedia (two high schools) and in Sidi Kacem (one high school). This aid provides both material and professional support to the schools.

By encouraging excellence in the field of education, SAMIR has contributed financially to the good functioning of Academia Foundation, which awards prizes to graduates from certain engineering schools (EMI, ENIM).

As part of its health initiatives, SAMIR gives a modest financial contribution to the fight against serious illness and in raising awareness amongst the disadvantages about health risks. This is done through a partnership with  Lalla Salma Foundation for the fight against cancer, which works tirelessly to prevent and treat cancer all over the country.

Similarly, SAMIR also supports the ‘Smile campaign’, which is part of a worldwide alliance dedicated to supply free treatment to children, and adults who suffer from cleft lips, cleft palates or from facial burns. Other illnesses requiring long-term treatment such as diabetes and kidney diseases are also part of SAMIR’s healthcare concerns.


  • February 08, 2017 +

    Transfer of All SAMIR's assets; Call for expression of interest - 08 Feb 2017

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    The refinery crude oil supply will record a delay due to the financial difficulties of the company. This delay will result

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    The information published by Maghreb confidential and the 360 site are related to an action brought against SAMIR by four

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