Axis No3: Protecting the environment


As a fundamental component of its RSE and corporate citizenship work, SAMIR supports the actions undertaken by Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment, and  other various environmental associations. It is also involved in projects to develop and maintain the park of  les Villes Jumelées (twin cities) in Mohammedia by making available to citizens and visitors pleasant spaces.

Also, as part of its partnership with Mohammed VI Foundation for environment protection of, SAMIR endeavors to preserve the cleanliness of Moroccan beaches through clean-up operations and the organisation of Centre beach and Mannesmann. The purpose is to provide summer visitors with clean beaches, adequate infrastructures and equipments as well as an entertainment program designed to raise awareness and protect the environment.

SAMIR was awarded the Commitment Trophy 2012/2014 thanks its active participation in Clean beaches operation as well as its environmental actions education. It is worthy to mention that the trophies were granted by, Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Hasna.

Since 2005, SAMIR has also been a partner in the Air Quality program of the same Foundation. Several ministerial departments as well as the majority of the country’s industrial companies have signed up as members of this program.

SAMIR’s efforts concern also supporting projects of local associations, working on environmental education.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, SAMIR takes part in the development of the wetland. The main green areas of the city of Mohammedia are in the process of being improved in order to fight against industrial pollution and urbanisation. An essential ecological commitment to create a local dynamic action in favor of the environment.


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