Axis No4: Promotion of Sport and Socio-Cultural Activities


SAMIR regularly supports the promotion of sports, on both local and national levels. It sponsors the Wydad football club of Casablanca and the Chabab football and basketball club of Mohammedia.

SAMIR provides financial support to various local and national associations working on a wide-range of sporting events as well as national federations, such as the National Equestrian Federation. It is also a partner in the prestigious Hassan II Golf Tournament.

SAMIR's sustained efforts contibute to promoting different sports and events at a national level,  such as Motor races and Tennis tournaments.

A committed actor in the development of cultural and artistic activities in Mohammedia, SAMIR supports the ‘flower festival’ organised by the association for social, cultural and sporting works in Mohammedia in partnership with the Urban Municipality and Prefecture. SAMIR also financially supports several associations for events in cinema, theatre and visual art.

Its RSE also involves spiritual activities. SAMIR has contributed to the construction of two mosques in Mohammedia and takes care of their running and maintenance costs.

In Sidi Kacem city, SAMIR has dedicated a villa of 1200 m3 to the town’s religious council to become an institute called “Warch” for teaching religious science to the inhabitants of Sidi Kacem and the surroundings.


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    The refinery crude oil supply will record a delay due to the financial difficulties of the company. This delay will result

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