HR Policy: Excellence and Innovation


SAMIR is convinced that Human Capital is the key to success and is aware that employees are the most precious resource. Therefore it sets up as objective to develop their individual talents and improve collective efficiency the reason why measures have been implemented to  develop their skills.

Career management: A policy of confirmed mobility

Supporting our employees in their professional development through mobility is the cornerstone of our career management policy. 

Each employee is an actor of the company’s success. In this sense management of skills and careers remain a priority of our HR strategy from the moment of hiring and throughout the employees’ professional life by setting up measures such as annual evaluation interviews, personalised training and internal promotions.

These measures are the basis of professional development initiatives to support our employees and help them build capacity and increase their performance and consequently that of their company.

Skills training and development:

SAMIR is convinced that the success of the company depends on the quality and expertise of its employees. As a result SAMIR helps them develop their skills through targeted training programs that enable them to thrive. Trainings which cultivate their expertise and develop their professional values. Thus, a personalised program is implemented and  adapted to the professional profile of each employee and to the requirements of the activity and to the diversity  of jobs and organizations within the company.

Social benefits

In order to maintain a good social atmosphere, a wide range of benefits and a policy of proximity  have been implemented to promote social dialogues notably through guarantees within the scope of social legislation :

  • Mondatory membership of the CNSS (National Social Security Fund)
  • Own mutual fund
  • Complementary Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Membership of CIMR (Moroccan Interprofessional Pension fund)
  • In addition to the collective agreement, SAMIR provides its staff with a vast range of benefits:
  • Education help through an annual school gratification
  • Summer holiday centres in Ifrane, Immouzzer, Moulay Bousselham, Kasr Rimal and subsidised centres during the summer
  • Holiday camps for the employees’ children
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca is offered each year to a number of employees
  • A sports complex dedicated to SAMIR staff as well as sport schools for their children
  • Tutoring classes for the benefit of the employees’ children.



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